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Fotolere, World's first free photo printing and delivery service, is about preserving photos because photos remind us of our memories, and our memories are priceless!

Our Vision

To be the most favored photo printing service and an innovative medium for businesses to reach targeted customers with delightful campaigns.

Our Solution

We print and deliver photo printouts to our users, FREE of cost. Most of us hardly get photos printed because printing can be expensive, or complicated and time-consuming. Some of us , who go for photo prints, often do not get it right. This is where we come into the picture!

How do we do it?

No one likes advertisements. They're either bad, boring, annoying, or painfully obvious. At Fotolere we have a very strong belief that ads can be good. With this belief, we intend to reinvent how advertisements are perceived and how brands can make a better impact, through bringing delight to prospective customers by sponsoring free photos to them!

Advertising on traditional media like Newspapers, Magazines, TV, Radio and even online is an interruption and painful for the customer. We at Fotolere pride ourselves on providing a non-intrusive and highly innovative advertising platform to clients. The photo prints are free for Fotolere users, because we place relevant advertisements behind the photos from our brand partners. This allows us to make the good quality photo prints and deliver it to our users for no cost.

Why Fotolere?

  1. It's free
  2. Safe & Secure
  3. Exclusive Offer's and Discount Coupons
  4. Premium Quality Photos
    1. 300 GSM
    2. Digital Photo Paper with lamination
    3. Matte/Glossy Finish

We’d love to help you to print your memories & save them :)

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